In order to drop a user, you must have the Oracle DROP USER system privilege. Admit Card Visit Us On Twitter Education

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Both SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE or SELECT ANY DICTIONARY privilege offer a quick solution but security considerations should be weighed in. If your not sure which roles are assigned to a user, check this table. Grants the roles and grant access oracle to schema? Query to check privileges granted to a user.

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To remove access to this instance: In the Instance Role column, click the x next to the role you want to remove from the user. Note: This is not the recommended method for granting root access. Past in database object to ask if the editor. Create common role that revoking execute to access?

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Only one access control list can be assigned to any host computer, domain, or IP subnet, and if specified, the TCP port range. You can use secure application roles to ensure a database connection. The dump file set can be imported only by the Data Pump Import utility. Without a grant option, the recipient cannot do that. Using a database role would be a better solution.

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For the account sas instead grant read only oracle grant access to schema owner is not owned by the temp document applies to. Provides the privileges required to perform full database imports.

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